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Porsche Turbo Kit


Turbo Performance has been building Turbocharges since 1976 and are always striving for perfection in all our products. Turbo Performance has been rebuilding K-16 Turbos since their introduction into the Market Place by Porsche. We offer a variety of Direct Bolt on Upgrades for your 996, 993, 944 Porsche. Here is a little factual info you can digest while deciding which Turbo Upgrade would be correct for your application. The Factory K-16 can put out a reliable 1.1 Bar and 530 H.P.

The K-16/24 Hyrbid Turbo can safely support close to 600H.P. at 1.3 Bar. This Turbo is a Direct Bolt on Hybrid using a K-16 Exhaust Wheel and housing and machining the compressor housing to allow the larger K-24 compressor wheel to be installed. This Upgrade is especially desirable because it retains the K-16 exhaust wheel for the quick spool up and K-24 compressor wheel for the top end giving you the best of both worlds, quick spool up and the continuing top end pulling power.

The K-16 or K-24/26 also direct bolt on upgrade is the ultimate in top end performance. Incorporating the K-26 compressor wheel into a K-16 compressor housing allows you to easily exceed the 600 H.P. mark. All turbos are offered new outright purchases or rebuilt. All our turbos are rebuilt using new parts balanced and tested in our facility.

K-16 Rebuilt with Core Exchange $380.00
K-16 New Factory Unite Outright $1,775.00
K-16/24 Hybrid Rebuilt requires K-16 Core $460.00
K-16/24 New Unite Purchased Outright $1,838.00
K-24 Rebuilt Unite with Core Exchange $380.00
K-24 New Unite Outright No Core $1,995.00
K-24/26 Rebuilt Units require K-24 Core $540.00
K-24/26 New Units Purchased Outright $2,450.00







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